Questionnaire – El Campo

Download the S.P.J.S.T. Senior Living Infection Control Basics for the Essential Caregiver Questionnaire.

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    1. Guidelines for the effective use of hand sanitizer recommend applying a palmful of alcohol
    rinse or gel and rubbing hands together:
    Until the alcohol driesFor two minutesNone of the aboveDo not rub hands together—hands should remain wet.

    2. How many times can disposable gloves be worn before being discarded?
    Two timesThree timesMultiple times if they are washed between usesOne time

    3. The nursing assistant/caregiver should use a mask when entering the room of a resident who has been placed on what type of precautions?
    Contact precautionsDroplet precautionsMRSA precautionsStandard precautions

    4. Which of the following is the correct way to remove a gown?
    Unfasten gown at neck and waist and roll the dirty side in while holding gown away from the bodyUnfasten a gown at neck and waist and pull the gown over the headUnfasten gown at neck and waist and drop it to the floorUnfasten gown at neck and waist and pull the gown from the outside of the chest area until it comes off

    5. What is the correct action to take when washing your hands?
    Apply soap before wetting your handsKeep hands elevated above your waistApply friction for 5 secondsUse a clean, dry paper towel to turn off the water

    6. In order for gloves to provide adequate protection, the nursing assistant/caregiver must remember to do which of the following?
    A small tear will keep out germsWash your hands before and after glove useAlways wear latex gloves because they are less costlyWash your hands after taking off gloves only

    7. Which of the following is true of Transmission-Based Precautions?
    They are practiced in addition to Standard PrecautionsNursing assistants do not need to practice Standard Precautions if they are practicing Transmission-Based PrecautionsThey are the same as Standard PrecautionsThey are no longer used

    8. Standard Precautions should be practiced...
    On every single person in the nursing assistant’s careOnly on people who request that the nursing assistant follow themOnly on residents whose charts indicate they are infectiousOnly on people who look like they have a blood borne disease

    9. Washing your hands appropriately is important to reduce the spread of infection. Which of the following is not part of the recommended procedure for handwashing?
    Use a clean paper towel to dry handsUse paper towel to turn off faucetRub hands vigorously with soap and water for at least 20 secondsIf hands are visibly soiled, you may use an alcohol-based hand sanitizer

    10. In the event of exposure to bodily fluids, the nursing assistant/caregiver should:
    Wash exposed areas immediately and completelyFill out an incident report, providing all necessary informationWear an N95 maskNotify the manager