Essential Care Training


All of our S.P.J.S.T. Senior Living campuses are busy preparing for re-opening and the exciting opportunity to reunite each of you with your loved one.  We await your arrival with great anticipation!

Please complete the following initial steps required for Essential Caregiver indoor visitation:

    1. Complete and return the Essential Caregiver Designation form to your facility. If you have not already received this form, please contact your facility Administrator.
    2. Obtain a COVID-19 test within no more than 14 days of your scheduled visit. Please note the results must be negative in order to schedule your initial visit.
    3. Contact your facility to schedule your visit.

Prior to your initial visit, please follow the steps below to complete the required Essential Caregiver training:

    1. Click on the Slideshow link for your facility below to review the required training on Infection Control Basics & Personal Protective Equipment.
    2. Click on the links for the CDC Handouts for additional information.
    3. Return to the Home page and click on the Questionnaire tab or click on the Questionnaire tab found  in the drop-down menu of the Essential Care Training link above.
    4. Complete the Questionnaire.
    5. If you choose to click the Send button, your Questionnaire will be emailed directly to the facility Administrator, or you may print a copy of your Questionnaire and hand-deliver it to the facility.
    6. The facility will provide you with a Certificate of Completion upon your initial visit assuming your Questionnaire has been received.


CDC – Use PPE When Caring for Patients with Confirmed or Suspected COVID-19

CDC – COVID-19 PPE for Healthcare Personnel

CDC – Facemask Do’s and Don’t s

CDC – Handwashing and Hand Sanitizer Use

CDC – Cover your Cough

CDC – Stop the Spread of Germs